Dale Staples stands tall at Pipeline

The 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro was called on for the second day in a row yesterday with contestants facing risky and turbulent conditions. As the day went on conditions improved, the scores got higher, and heading into the round of 64, Banzai Pipeline really turned on.

Dale Staples in the green room
Dale Staples in the green room

The early competitors had their work cut out for them as they faced much larger, more dangerous and inconsistent waves than the previous day. St Francis Bay local Dale Staples was unfazed by Pipe at its most intimidating and cruised through both his heats.

In his first heat, Dale took a late drop on a bomb, scrambled off the bottom and casually stood tall in a big Pipe barrel. This set the tone for the South African surfer who later went on to win his next heat and advance into the round of 32. Ducky will be surfing tonight South African time, should the Pipe Pro run again today.

There was some world class barrel riding from the likes of Bruce Irons (HAW), Reef McIntosh (HAW)and several others. It was in the fourth heat that saw the day’s first, and only, $1,000 “Electric Perfect 10″ of the day from Nat Young (USA) – a rare double tube ride on his first wave of his first ever Pipe competition.

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“That was the best wave I’ve ever had out there,” said Young, 21. “The wave itself was just amazing. This is the first time I’ve ever done a comp here so for me it’s just practice. That’s why I came, to get comfortable out here. I’ve surfed here a lot, I’ve been coming here every winter since I was 14, but I’m definitely intimidated out there. I was definitely nervous before my heat. To say I wasn’t intimidated would be a lie.”

Watch the day’s highlights here

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