The biggest wave ever surfed

A wave estimated to have been over 100 foot in size was ridden by big wave surfer Garrett McNamara in Nazare Portugal this week.


McNamara is no stranger to extreme surfing and is well regarded for his exploits at waves like Jaws and Teaupoo. His legendary barrel at Jaws is described below:

In December of 2003, Garrett was floating around in the channel at Jaws when Dane Kealoha came by and threw him the rope, into a lineup with at least 25 hungry aggressive tow teams on PWCs. To Garrett’s surprise Dane headed straight out and did a U turn through the whole crowd.

He whipped Garrett into the first wave of the set – a wave that challenged every inch and second of Garrett’s surfing experience. Garrett was at the bottom looking up thinking this is it this is what I’ve been trying to get my whole life – a 20 foot barrel, when a megaton lip brushed his head. It should have crushed him and everyone thought it did.

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He was gone, done for. The wave then spit another couple tons of compressed water, and to the amazement of everyone he emerged in a blaze of glory, like a seal getting chomped up by a giant shark and some how escaping. Garrett’s monster barrel at Jaws hasn’t been surpassed since.

In the above footage, it can be seen that Garrett can safely lay claim to having ridden the biggest wave in the world as well.

“It means the world to me. Today was an awesome day and so fun to be out there,” he tweeted afterwards.
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