No protection in the Village of Death

The South African Police mobile unit which was used at Tholeni village, known as the “village of death” has been removed.

This has come as a big shock considering the number of murders that took place in this area.

The station was equipped with two police officers and two patrolling vans. It had been a source of relief after 24 women and children had been hacked to death in Tholeni since 2007.

“I will write a letter to the Eastern Cape Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Celiwe Cynthia Binta, urging her to keep the unit in the village, considering the violence in the area” said Veliswa Mvenya from the Democratic Alliance.

“The residents were not informed of the decision to remove the unit and questions from the villagers were not answered. The unit was supposed to be a permanent fixture in the village but after six months the structure has been removed”, added Mvenya.

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The police stated that the removal of the unit is due to the fact that the suspect was apprehended and arrested. However residents do not believe they are secure.

In 2010 a similar unit was placed in the village and when it was removed, more murders took place.

It is ironic that during 16 days of activism against woman and child abuse, such a measure which acts to the detriment of women and children was taken.