Young girl attacked near Mall

The grandchild of a well known local resident was mugged on Saturday morning while she was walking to the Fountains Mall (through the housing estate on the eastern side of the Mall).

The assailant has been described as a young black male (early 20’s).

“The guy came up from behind, attacked my grandchild, wrestled her to the ground, sat on top of her, screamed obscenities into her face and rifled her pockets. He then took her cellphone and left” said Robin Morris.

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“Charges have been laid with the Jeffreys Bay Police but I am also offering a reward for any information that will lead us to the guy who attacked her”, said Morris.

“Please put the word out to any contacts you may have in the surrounding townships – your workers/staff whatever. You can tell the guys I’m offering a reward to any of them who can lead me to this guy” he added.

Any information can be emailed to [email protected]

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