St Francis Bay on fire

Disaster struck St Francis Bay yesterday afternoon when a fire broke out on the Royal Wharf. Strong South westerly winds rapidly spread the fire which was burning out of control by early Sunday evening.

By midnight, over 60 houses had burnt down, with many families losing everything. The exact number of houses that were dsetroyed as well as a proper assessment of the damage incurred will take place this morning.

The Kouga Fire Department was assisted by the Cacadu District Municipality and were also joined by fire fighters from Port Elizabeth in an effort to bring the massive fire under control.

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The NSRI and the local Police were joined by volunteers from all over the Kouga who joined in to help fight the fire and assist the residents who literally had to flee their homes with just the clothes they were wearing.

Legendary South African surf coach, Graeme Hynds’ house was destroyed by the fire.

Fortunately there are no reports of any loss of lives.

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