No pedestrian crossing for St Francis Bay yet

The Kouga Municipality has advised that their technical team on site at the Sand River bridge has decided that it won’t be possible to construct a pedestrian crossing over the river.

The Sand River Bridge. Photo - Sally Gallarelli

A large section of the bridge has washed away and the water is still flowing strongly. People are crossing the river at own risk at a spot where the water is not flowing that strongly.

The Kouga fire brigade is busy putting up ropes to assist people across. It is however, strongly advised that people avoid crossing the river if at all possible.

The St Francis bridge collapsed early this morning due to heavy flooding in the area.

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Residents all around Kouga are urged to drive with caution and to avoid driving if possible until the water has subsided.

The Kouga Traffic Department will be making a decision shortly whether to close the cause way between Aston Bay and Paradise Beach due to water flowing over the road.

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