More rain predicted for Eastern Cape

This is not the first time the Sand River bridge has collapsed.
Emergency services and disaster management teams have been working hard all weekend all around the Eastern Cape, and there appears to be little respite as more rain is expected in the next 24 hours.

Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred have been the hardest hit by the torrential rain with Port Alfred receiving 387 mm in the last week.

The N2 between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown is closed to a major collapse of the road . The St Francis Bay Bridge has also collapsed leaving residents of the village trapped on an island and cut off from the rest of the world.

The weather prediction for the rest of today and tomorrow is:

Most of the heavier showers have moved out to sea. The wind has turned South West and will pick up later. Showery conditions will move in this evening with moderate to heavy falls along the southern and eastern parts.

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This will persist into tomorrow and it will only start clearing towards Tuesday. The falls will not be as bad as we have experienced and should be in the region of 20-30 mm.

Rainfall over the past week:

Cape St Francis 114. 2 mm
Storms River 133.8 mm
Addo 167.6 mm
Port Elizabeth 171.76 mm
Port Alfred 387 mm

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