Roger Finch becomes 1st South African swimmer to complete the Triple Crown

Roger Finch completed a crossing of the Catalina Channel earlier this week to become the first South African to successfully join the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Finch swam across the Catalina Channel in 9 hours 45 minutes to add to his marathon swimming resume that includes a crossing of the English Channel, Rottnest Channel Swim, Cadiz Freedom Swim, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, 11 Robben Island – Blouberg crossings and 1 double crossing as well as five 3 Anchor Bay crossings.

All of these swims were done according to Channel rules which means swimmers may only wear a speedo type costume, goggles and a swim cap. No wetsuits are allowed.

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It is quite an accomplishment as many of these swims were done after Roger reached the age of 50.

Part of Roger’s training was done in the canals of Marina Martinique as well as doing a solo Bell Buoy crossing during his preparation for the Cataline Channel.

“I was looking for some colder water and decided to come and swim in Jeffreys Bay as well as Port Elizabeth which really helped me with my training for Catalina”, said Roger.

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