On the other side

I remember the rain.
I remember the distance between us when you came over and sat down next to me.
I remember our polite halting conversation as we strolled along the promenade
I recall the swans gliding together on the surface of the water.

I remember the way the lights reflected in your somber eyes as we stood then under the bridge.
I heard children splashing in puddles on the other side.
I remember their laughter as you took my hand in yours and we said our good byes.
I remember we resisted the impulse to kiss one last time.
Before we were lost, going our separate ways.
Hope beckoned just once, put down your prides.
Pride is a destroyer of love and creates oceans of tides.

The storm gathered, the underbelly of dark clouds in the sky.
I never thought that what was left undone would somehow haunt me.
I never realised that your eyes would follow me into my dreams
And linger as I awoke.
Hearing the rain outside my window.
As childrens laughter echoed into the still room as they splashed in the puddles on the other side.

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(c) Marla Patty

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