Its business as usual for Jeffreys Bay Tourism

A local newpaper report caused a stir in the tourist towm of Jeffreys Bay when it claimed that the Tourism Office had been closed down by the Kouga Municipality.

The report was incorrect and the Tourism Office is open and still serving its members as well as tourists from all over the world.

With capable office staff, Jeffreys Bay Tourism is doing well despite not receiving its grant from the Kouga Municipality in recent months, which has caused other offices like Hankey to shut its doors.

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Members and non members alike are invited to pop into the office in da Gama Road and see for themselves that the office is still open, hasnt moved anywhere and is still promoting the town, both locally and internationally.

Jeffreys Bay Tourism is receiving a lot of requests for December accommodation in Jeffreys Bay, so if you would like to rent your house out, please contact the office via [email protected]

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