Whale washes up on Kabeljous beach

A juvenile whale washed up on Kabeljous beach last weekend, with no apparent signs of injury.

It appears that the whale was a young calf that unfortunately will not get a chance to grow to adulthood. The Kouga Municipality was quickly on the scene to remove the body of the whale before it became an environmental hazard.

Photo: Sjoerd Klaucke

There have been a number of sightings of whales in the past few weeks as the Southern Right Whales begin to enter our bay to calf. Last week a huge whale was spotted just behind the breakers at Main Beach.

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The Southern Right gets its name from the simple fact it was once regarded it as the “right” whale to hunt – the animals are slow-moving, rich in oil and baleen, float when killed and provide an enormous yield.

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This “rightness” brought the animals to the brink of extinction in the early 20th century, as whalers killed an estimated 20 000 of the animals. Protected in South African waters since 1935, their numbers have slowly crept back to a world population of some 4 000, most of which visit the country’s coastline every year.

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