How should my child be taught to swim?

Many parents have horror stories on how they were taught to swim. Some include being thrown into a pool and literally having to “sink or swim”. Others may have been forced to learn skills in an uncaring environment where the needs of a child are not put ahead of any other criteria.

I don't like swimming.....I love it!!!!

Brenton’s Swim School, which offers swim lessons all year round in a heated pool at Training Edge Gym, believes in the child based approach to teaching little people to swim.

This approach means kids are taught to swim at their pace and fears and anxiety are overcome as learn to swim becomes a journey and not just a skill that needs to be learnt at all cost.

Skills become tricks that are easy and fun to accomplish with many smiles and lots of high fives.

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Little people learn how to swim like dolphins, frogs and even like motor cars in a child based swim school.

Learn to swim must be a fun filled and happy time in a child’s life. At Brenton’s Swim School, this is exactly what happens.

Phone 083 549 6795 or email [email protected] for more information about swim lessons.

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