English Channel swimmer visits JBay

Roger Finch, one of the few South Africans who have swam across the English Channel, spend a couple days at Marina Martinique as part of his preparation for his latest challenge – swimming across the Catalina Channel off the coast of America.

Roger Finch at home in the open ocean

The salt water canals of Marina Martinique are a perfect training venue for open water swimmers, especially with the water hovering between 14 – 16 degrees over the past week.

Roger also did a solo Bell Buoy swim in Algoa Bay yesterday that turned out to be more daunting that what he expected.

“Coming back from the Bell Buoy, my paddler and I lost visual contact with each other. There was a fair bit of swell around and I just could not see him. A Chinese ship even stopped to find out if I was alright after they spotted a swimmer a few kilometers out to sea!” said Finch.

Eventually the intrepid swimmer made it back to shore and reunited with his paddler who had been paddling up and down the coast looking for him.

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“We had a great time swimming with the JBay crew and will be back for more in future”, added Finch, who will be tackling the 34 Km Catalina Channel off the coast of Southern California at the end of September.

Roger swam the 36 km English Channel from England to France in August last year, finishing in a time of 12 hours 35 minutes.

He has also completed the 47 km Manhattan Island swim earlier this year.

The next open water swim in Jeffreys Bay will be the 3 Km Shell Festival swim on 29 September, which will start at the Boneyards beach break and end at Main Beach. Email [email protected] for more information.

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