Don’t give bail to Jansenville murder suspects

The suspects in the murder of Jansenville farmer Owen Charles will appear in court in the town tomorrow.

The communities of Klipplaaat and Jansenville are calling for no bail for the suspects in the murder of Jansenville farmer Owen Charles. This reaction was to be expected because these communities are saddened and angered by the brutal attack on such a loveable and respected farming couple.

There is a strong feeling amongst residents that the suspects are very dangerous and should not be allowed back into the community. The juveniles who were allegedly involved in this murder must be sent to a place of safety and the others must go to jail.

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Criminal justice must be fair to the victims and to their families. Rural safety will be improved if the court sends out a strong message when dealing with these alleged criminals when they appear in the Jansenville court tomorrow (Friday 17 August).

Reconciliation and redress through justice will go a long way to heal our nation from its ever-increasing social ills.

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