2012 is the second wettest winter on record

The Churchill dam overflowing. Photo: Clive Wright
Port Elizabeth and surrounds has recorded the 2nd wettest Winter on record (1960-2012).

The 2002 record of 2nd wettest winter (405 mm measured) has been surpassed and as of yesterday afternoon, 424 mm of rain has been recorded for winter 2012.

The all time record of 452 mm (1979) is in danger of being surpassed, with 18 days still left this winter and more rain predicted for later this week.

The first seven months of the year is by far the wettest on record, with 695 mm measured untill 31 July 2012. The previous record was 1979, when 673 mm was measured.

This can be considered as a particularly large amount of rain, when one considers that the average annual rainfall for Port Elizabeth is 622 mm, which has only been achieved 6 times since 1990.

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To date (12 August 2012 @ 14h00) 735 mm has been measured in Port Elizabeth. This annual figure was last exceeded in 1995 when 773 mm was measured. With five months remaining, we are fast approaching the wettest year in more than 30 years. In 1981 rainfall of 1010 mm was measured.

Rainfall for 2012

JAN 9.4
FEB 92.8
MAR 187.8
APR 13
MAY 7.6
JUN 182.8
JUL 201.2
AUG 40

Total: 734.6