Government to Target Unlicensed Liquor Outlets

The South African Government will continue to focus on reducing the number of unlicensed liquor outlets and enforce compliance within the liquor industry.

This commitment was contained in a statement released by the trade and industry department following the latest meeting of the national liquor and gambling policy council in Johannesburg.

The council is made up of the trade and industry minister, Rob Davies, and the provincial MECs of economic development.

Other issues agree upon at the latest meeting include:

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• Amended strategy to combat alcohol abuse adopted
• Amended national norms and standards for liquor and gambling adopted
• A guiding document to be drawn up on how regulators must engage with the liquor industry

In terms of the strategy to combat alcohol abuse, it seeks to “combat alcohol abuse and to put in place actionable measures at local, provincial and national level in order to combat alcohol abuse, and to set priority areas for regulation of the liquor industry so as to promote growth and foster responsible trading”.

The department also indicated that national norms and standards for gambling would be referred back to “experts” for further work. They will be presented at the next council meeting.