Tourists saved by quick thinking lifeguards

Eleven German tourists had to be pulled from the water at the Sun coast Casino beach in Durban after their boat overturned in the surf. Reports indicate that they were out on a whale watching trip when a wave hit them from the side causing the boat to flip.

A quick response from the EThekwini Life Guards ensured that the lives of two of the tourists were saved. Life guards  arrived at the scene and after an assessment found that two of the tourists were still missing.

They realizing that the bout was floating to shallow water and pushed it back to sea. The lifeguards then lifted the one side of the boat and found the two missing people trapped in a air pocket.

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If the boat was left to run aground the two people would surely be crushed, Netcare 911 paramedics worked tirelessly to stabilize the injured on scene before they were rushed to the Netcare St Augustine’s hospital for the care that they required.