No new jobs in South Africa

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) , shows no real movement in the labour market. Unemployment has remained constant at 24.9% compared to 25.2% reported in the previous quarter.

It is time for  President Zuma to make some bold decisions about the jobs crisis. His government can’t keep muddling through with no clear and unequivocal strategy to create jobs.

Over the weekend,  the Democratic Alliance released its Plan for Growth and Jobs. If elected to national government, the DA would fast track economic growth and job creation by bringing marginalised South Africans into the productive economy.

Specific job creating policy proposals outlined in the plan include:

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•    Rolling-out a national Youth Wage Subsidy programme to reduce barriers and encourage job creation.
•    introducing a comprehensive Vocational Training and Apprenticeship Programme that will help; address critical skills shortages and enhance the interface between training and employment.

•    expansion of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme to help more people to access higher education and gain marketable skills;


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