Troy Prinsloo – a man on a mission

25 of the fastest swimmers in the world over 10 Km will be fronting up to each other in one of the toughest events at 2012 Olympic Games.

The field taking part in the 10 K open water swim is probably one of the strongest ever assembled in the history of the sport.

South African 10 K champion Troy Prinslool Photo: RRAD

Swimmers from five continents and 31 countries qualified for the Olympic 10K based on their performances at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai and the recent Olympic qualifier in Setabul, Portugal.

There will be no lane ropes to separate the swimmers and they will literally be swimming neck to neck, jostling for position and fighting it out in under two hours to strike for glory at the Serpentine Lake in London.

Troy Prinsloo will be representing South Africa in the 10 K marathon swim and will be against the likes of English Channel record holder and current title holder of the Robben Island Freedom Swim, Petar Stoychev, as well as current FINA 10K Wold Champion Spyridon Gianniotis.

Gianniotis is a genuine medal contender in London as is Thomas Lurz, who is regarded as one of the best 10K swimmers of all time.

Troy is one the dark horse contenders for a podium finish according to the Daily news of open water swimming.

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It’s been a year of hard training for Troy, swimming distances of 90 – 100 km a week, often by himself, as part of his preparation for his first ever Olympic 10K swim.

Troy’s strategy will be clear and focused. Stay up with the leaders and hang on at the end. This worked for Troy when he swam to a very credible 5th place at the final Olympic qualifier at Setabul, Portugal during June.

And the South African will have the guts to back his play. It hasn’t been an easy road for Troy but he showed his mental toughness to force a tie with Chad Ho in the South African 10K champs in 2011 in Jeffreys Bay.

That was no easy feat, as Chad was the 2010 World 10K champion and a highly respected open water swimmer.

There is only one qualifier per country allowed at the 10 K swim and this meant that only the highest place finisher between the two South African swimmers would be going to London from the Olympic qualifier in Setabul.

Troy has certainly earned the right to be at the 10K swim in London. He won’t be backing down either, come race day on 10 August.

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