A dream come true at the Nico Malan matric dance

A beautiful dress, gorgeous shoes, a make up artist who makes you look breathtaking and a handsome young man at your side.The Matric Dance is the event that most girls dream about from the first time they set eyes upon a jewel-coloured dress or a pair of glamorous skyscraper stilettos.

Marine Nel arrives at the Matric Dance

The excitement began when the waiters (Gr.11’s) handed out the circus-themed invitations a couple of months before the dance. This gave us some idea as to what the theme would be. However, nothing could have prepared us for the extravagance that waited for us at Mentorskraal.

As we waited in the car, there were fireworks and exotic fire dancers to keep us entertained. Inside, the exquisite attention to detail brought the theme to life. Clowns on stilts, a ringmaster, waitresses with Boswell-meets-Burlesque outfits and the dance floor as a circus ring gave us that magical feeling of the circus being in town.

Carina Cilliers (center) with her fellow matrics

Each matric and his/her partner had two options from which to choose their main course, which contributed towards the success of the evening. The food was tasty and tender and no one left with an empty stomach!

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Unlike Cinderella, we could stay past midnight without our dresses reverting to rags (or a tracksuit and tekkies, if you prefer) and this is what many couples did. For one night, we were the main characters of our own fairytale. And we enjoyed every second of it!

Carina Cilliers