Bloukrans is the worlds highest bungee jump

The thrill of the fall is what attracts most people to the to the act of bungee jumping. Escalated breathing and the world disappearing beneath your feet provides the adrenalin rush of a lifetime, and the Bloukrans Bridge bungee is a cut above the rest.

Officially the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, Bloukrans Bridge sits at a staggering 216 meters in height. No amount of mental or physical preparation can prepare you for the dizzying heights you encounter on the walk out to the platform. Beneath you, the Bloukrans River slowly churns, inviting you to take a dive in its waters.

The meticulous attention paid to safety is evident in the countless checks performed by the trained crew and before you know it, you’re cocooned in a wide variety of safety gear, ropes and a harness. Standing on the edge of the platform, you’re provided with the most incredible view, overlooking the greenery of Tsitsikamma. One glance down, however, will remind you about just how close you are about to come to it.

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Breathing becomes an accomplishment in itself as the countdown to your plunge begins. Your stomach drops and you close your eyes, before sucking in a final breath. 3-2-1…bungee. With that one word, hardened ground disappears from beneath your feet and and the world rushes past you at incomparable speeds. Before you can remember to breathe again, the tug of the rope at your feet reminds you of your victory over your fear, and your eyes will open to the most spectacular views of the river below and the surrounding forest, feeling more alive than ever before.

Once they’ve pulled you back up to the bridge, you can truly say you’ve conquered an amazing feat and you’ll want to relive it over and over again, as you recount the smallest details to friends and family for years to come.

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