More containers found washed up on Kouga beaches

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre has confirmed that five containers, one of which was found ashore near to the Gamtoos River Mouth yesterday, were washed off the deck of the Chinese Ship Anguan Gjing which was sailing from Durban to Nigeria.

The containers were lost overboard during the past weekend in heavy seas between Port Elizabeth and St Francis Bay.

Maritime navigational safety alerts were broadcast warning of the navigational hazard to shipping in that vicinity.

Yesterday, the South African Police located a further three containers, two of which were found in the in the vicinity of the Gamtoos River Mouth and one has washed up near to St Francis Bay.

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The outstanding container is either still adrift at sea or it may have washed ashore on a remote location and may not have yet been discovered.

MRCC has confirmed that all 5 containers are empty and present no environmental or health risk (it is suspected that normal sea water could have now leaked into the containers).

No decisions have been taken yet by Maritime authorities about the salvage of the containers, which are in remote areas on barely accessible stretches of coastline.

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