St Francis Bay bridge has been closed

The Sand River bridge to St Francis has been closed to traffic. The bridge hasn’t washed away but the water level has risen to such an extent that it is now flowing over the bridge.

Flood water has now breached the St Francis bridge and the road has now been closed to traffic. Photo: Clive Wright

This means that for the second year running, St Francis Bay has been marooned from the rest of the world. During the floods last year, the Sand River bridge washed away and a temporary was constructed in its place.

In other parts of the Kouga, trees have fallen into the R102 in the Thornhill area. Please avoid this road and use the N2 instead. The Kouga Municipality’s emergency services will clear the trees as soon as they can tomorrow morning.

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Problems with transformers have also caused electricity supply disruptions in the Thornhill area.

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