Flood warnings for Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay

The Sand River bridge to St Francis Bay might have to be closed within the next few hours. Debris is clogging up the pipes running underneath the bridge. Municipal and provincial teams have been trying to keep them clear but are losing the battle. Emergency services are on site at present and it looks like St Francis bay will be cut off by early this evening

The Sand River bridge may be closed shortly

The following roads have been affected by heavy rain caused by the bad weather and residents are urged to take care.

1. Humansdorp – Oyster Bay road: CLOSED due to the flooding.

2. St Francis Bay – Oyster Bay road: Open only to 4×4 vehicles.

3. R330 between Weston and Hankey: Only one lane is open; the other lane is flooded, so please drive carefully

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4. Harbour Road section of St Francis Drive, St Francis Bay: Water is rising fast and Harbour Road might need to be closed off to vehicles within the next few hours

5. N2 at Kareedouw turn-off: A tree has fallen into the road. Emergency Services are busy removing it. Motorists asked to be patient please.

A number of homes have been flooded in the Kouga region. The worst hit areas are Sea Vista (St Francis Bay), Umzamowethu (Oyster Bay) and Sewende Laan (Humansdorp). Kouga’s Emergency Services are assisting affected families.

Kouga residents are reminded that emergencies van be reported to the municipality all-hour emergency number – 042 291 0250.

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