Teenagers rescued from the sea at Port Edward

A swim in the sea turned into a life threatening experience for two teenagers in Port Edward yesterday morning.

“At 10h25 NSRI Port Edward volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of two children, a male and female, being swept out to sea at a beach at Glenmore Munster, Port Edward, 4 kilometers from our Port Edward sea rescue station” said Allan Stilwell, the NSRI Port Edward duty controller.

“Our volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched the Discovery rescue runner and the NSRI rescue vehicle, carrying rescue swimmers, responded and the uBunthu lifeguards, who are on duty at the Main Beach, Port Edward, were activated.

On the scene we found a 15 year old male and a 13 year old female, a brother and a sister, on the beach. They had been rescued from the surf by an off duty lifeguard, who had happened to be on the beach at the time, and by a member of the public, who had also gone into the surf to assist the lifeguard with the rescue.

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After witnessing the pair being swept out to sea the off duty lifeguard and the bystander had gone into the surf to rescue them.

The NSRI medics treated the teenagers for near drowning symptoms and determined that they may succumb to secondary drowning and a Netcare 911 ambulance was summoned and they have been transported to hospital in the care of Netcare 911 paramedics in stable conditions for further treatment.

The teenagers are from Pinetown, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and they were in the company of a guardian, a Mrs Hanneke, and it is suspected that they were swept out to sea by rip-currents while swimming at a beach that does not normally have lifeguards on duty.