Horrific car accident on R21

9 July 2012

**To read about the accident that took place on 20 August 2015, click here **

Three men and a young woman have been killed in a horrific collision that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning on the R21 in the direction of Johannesburg before the Nelmapius road off ramp.

“Urgent calls for medical assistance came through to the Pretoria branch, upon which paramedics quickly acted and responded out to the scene. Despite the short time it took them to get to the incident, there was nothing further that could be done for three of the patients, and they had already died as a result of injuries sustained during the impact” said Vanessa Jackson of ER24.

Witnesses explained that one of the vehicles may have been driving contraflow along the highway, which lead to the head on collision, although the actual cause of the collision will be determined upon police investigation. The impact ripped both vehicles apart, and pieces of metal were strewn across the lanes of the highway. The driver of the sedan was killed, as well as a male occupant and 19 year old woman who were travelling in the other vehicle, a Toyota Yaris.

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One of the other male occupants of the Yaris was in critical need of urgent medical care and he was rushed through to Tembisa hospital, all the while paramedics tried to stabilise his deteriorating condition.

Sadly, nothing paramedics or hospital staff tried while resuscitating the man could stabilise him and he too died due to extensive injuries.

A woman believe to have been the only survivor of the collision, was treated for relatively serious injuries, but she was in a stable condition and taken to hospital under Advanced Life Support care.


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