10 da Gama Road opens its doors

Friday evening saw the opening of a new restaurant and live music venue in Jeffreys Bay. 10 da Gama Road is the little sister of the popular coffee shop Infood and the guests were greeted by Jane Davies, the owner of both venues.


The atmosphere was filled with excitement, with guests lingering over a glass of wine before taking their seats at the beautifully decorated tables.

Natasha Meister, who is on a tour of South Africa, added splendour to the special occasion. The rhythm of her music made many a foot itch to take to the dance floor!

Natasha Meister

At the tender age of 20, Meister has made a huge impact on SA audiences, especially in the blue/funk niche. She has a great bluesy Motown voice.

Natasha plays electric and acoustic guitar, and is a gifted songwriter.

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From newly fitted kitchen wafted the aroma of winter soup with fresh bread.

Second helpings were the order of the evening as Jane and her staff saw to everyone’s needs.

When all was wrapped up, nobody was in any hurry to leave. One thing is for sure; this little sibling is going to follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

Mariette Van Der Westhuizen