Rhino will be wiped out as poaching increases

The total number of rhinos poached in South Africa since the beginning of this year now stands at 251, with the number of arrests at 170.

The North West, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo provinces continue to be targeted by poachers, collectively accounting for 86 of the total rhinos poached in 2012.

The Kruger National Park has lost a total of 149 rhinos. According to the South African National Parks (SANParks), of the 170 arrests made, 147 of the arrested were poachers, 10 receivers or couriers, six couriers or buyers and seven exporters.

While the South African Army is deployed on the countries borders to try halt poaching, it is becoming clear that too little is being done to halt the carnage of Rhino in South Africa.

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With record numbers of rhino being killed in 2012, South Africa has little choice but to dramatically increase the prison time for convicted poachers and to deploy skilled tracking units in the bush whose sole purpose is to seek and confront poachers and to meet fire with fire.

The gloves must be taken off now. It is in our generation when Rhino will become extinct if we not take the harsh measures that are now required .

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