Criminal activity near Surfers Point

An attempted theft of motor car and an attempted house robbery took place in Plane and Pagoda streets during the last week. Luckily both attempts failed and no property was stolen and nobody was injured in the incidents.

An attempt to break into a house in Plane Street was thwarted by Smhart Security who had responded to an activated alaem at 8 pm last Monday evening.

Two suspects were chased from the scene.

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A bakkie stolen in Pagoda street on Saturday morning was later abandoned near Poplar Street by a gang who had a back up car.

They became rattled when they realised Pagoda Street was circular and they had passed observers who were watching them. According to residents there was a rapid response by the South African Police as well as by residents who kept the criminals under constant surveillance.

There has been an increase in theft of motor vehicles in Jeffreys Bay recently and residents are urged to keep their vehicles locked at all times and in a garage at night if possible.

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