Service delivery protests on R102 highway

Motorists are urged to avoid the old Cape Road near Greenbushes when travelling from Port Elizabeth to Jeffreys Bay as protestors have blocked the road and reports of stone throwing at cars have been received.

The South African Police have requested that motorists use alternative roads when travelling as they try to maintain law and order.

This is how the resident of Ocean View live.

This is the second service delivery protest to flare up in Port Elizabeth recently. Two weeks ago thousands of protestors from Walmer Township burned tyres and prevented motorists from using Heugh Road down to the Walmer Boulevard.

In Jeffreys Bay there is simmering discontent in Ocean View as residents realise that nothing is changing for them and that a better life for all has not materialised after 1994.

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There are an estimated 10 service delivery protests a week taking place in South Africa at present.

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said after a DA march demanding the introduction of the Youth Wage subsidy “South Africa as a country is sitting on a ticking bomb that one day will explode. Another 1976 is waiting to happen. If we preoccupy ourselves with palace politics while Rome is burning, then history will judge us equally and harshly,” said Vavi.

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