New look for Jeffreys Bay Tourism

Jeffreys Bay Tourism has upped its offering to local and international travellers alike, with a new look in the office in da Gama Road as well as a fresh presence on the internet.

Visit Jeffreys Bay for a swell of a time

The new board of Directors have been hard at work upgrading the office and have extended a welcome to all business owners in town to pop in and have a look for themselves what is going on.

A new office manager for Tourism has been appointed and has made huge strides in putting systems into the office as well as helping out customers looking for information, accommodation and activities in Jeffreys Bay – all while the office is being cleaned up and painted!!

All businesses in town as well as in the surrounding areas are encouraged to become members of Jeffreys Bay Tourism. With little support from the Municipality at present, it is up to the private sector to keep Jeffreys Bay Tourism up and running in the town.

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All activity product holders will be granted free membership to Jeffreys Bay Tourism and will instead be charged a 20 % on the booking made through the office.

The new membership rate for accommodation establishments as well as businesses in the town will be R 700 per annum. Country members will be charged R 350 per annum.

Anybody interested in joining as a member of Jeffreys Bay Tourism or tourists looking for more information can contact the office by email at [email protected]

Visitors can also find out more information from the office itself in da Gama road and even visit the world famous Shell Museum at the same time.

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