The cost of living in 2002

Does it feel like your money does not make it to the end of the month anymore or that life has got more expensive?

Despite salary increases, the cost of living has indeed spiralled upwards in the past 10 years with petrol being the biggest culprit. In 2002, a litre of petrol cost R 3.61, while 10 years later a litre costs R 12. 22 – a whopping 239 % increase.

Funnily enough a Ford icon motor car showed only a 66 % increase while renting a 3 bedroom house in Cape Town would be 98 % more expensive.

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A litre of milk is 158 % more expensive 10 yeards later while a tin of coffee is 191 % more expensive. Life is certainly not chaep anymore.

Has your income increased by even 100 % in the past 10 years?