77 % of South Africa’s youth support the wage subsidy

In an opinion research report released by TNS, it was revealed that 77 % of young South Africans support the implementation of the Youth Wage Subsidy. On top of that, 66 % of people older than 31 (those who would not directly benefit from the subsidy) also support the implementation of the policy).

The Democratic Alliance marches for the youth in South Africa.

The people have spoken clearly. A vast majority want the youth wage subsidy and they want it now.

The South African Government’s decision to delay the youth wage subsidy is in effect putting the agenda of COSATU’s leadership above the interests and will of a vast majority of South Africans.

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This policy can benefit 423 000 young people in three years. We’ve got the money for it, Treasury’s drawn up the plan and the people support it.

The time has come for government to do the right thing and put the interests of the people first.

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