New look for Kitchen Windows

A complete facelift took place at Kitchen Windows restaurant over 48 hours last Monday & Tuesday. A new menu with healthier options, snack plates for sundowners and new desserts have been introduced.

The kitchen is now open daily from 11:00 to 21:00, making it the perfect venue for late afternoon cocktails and snacks, overlooking the beach with changing skies over the Indian ocean as the sun slowly sets.

New tables with more comfortable chairs, a new trendy bar and a coffee station were built. The ambience outside has also changed with new umbrellas and lights for evening tables for those wanting to sit outside.

Marius Malherbe, the owner of Kitchen Windows said “Our aim is to continue investing in our dream restaurant and to continue improving our menu, decor and service. We have made sure that there have been no price increases on any of our products, even though most of the produce have increased substantially over the last 6 months”.

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This restaurant has arguably the best position in Jeffreys Bay, overlooking Main Beach where sightings of dolphins are regular occurrences. During March, guests witnessed Orca Whales attacking a school of dolphins of around 200 strong, right in front of the restaurant.

Residents and visitors alike are welcome to come and experience true Jeffreys Bay style at the new Kitchen Windows!

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