71 year old woman stabbed and robbed in St Francis Bay

By Bev Mortimer:

A 71 year-old St Francis Bay woman was struck on her face and stabbed on her forehead, then robbed in her own home.

According to a police report from the SAP Corporate Communications, the 71 year old St Francis Bay woman was attacked in her home and robbed during the early hours of Sunday morning, (6 May 2012).

According to police information, the woman was asleep and was awoken at about 2:30 am when her bedroom light was switched on. An unknown man was standing in her bedroom.

The woman enquired whether he was the security guard. She realized that he was not the guard when he took her handbag and cell phone from her bedside table. She managed to press the panic button.

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The man stabbed her on her forehead and slapped her on her face. He then ran off.

The woman received about 25 stitches to her forehead. Police are investigating a case of Armed Robbery. No arrests have been made.

Source: St Francis Chronicle

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