House robberies in Wavecrest still a problem

The Community Police Forum held their quarterly meeting at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station this week and presented the crime stats to those in attendance.

The biggest concern for Jeffreys Bay residents remains the ongoing problem of houses being robbed in Wavecrest. There appears to be different gangs of all race groups operating with impunity in the suburb, despite the best efforts of the neighbourhood watches and Warrant Officer Potgieter, the Policeman in charge of Wavecrest.

Due to the national clampdown on the release of crime stats, the community was not informed as to how many house breakings are actually taking place in Wavecrest at present.

There has also been an increase of robberies of businesses in the St Croix Street area as well as an unusual increase in activity in C Place.

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On a positive note, contact crimes have been reduced and theft of motor vehicles has also shown a decline in Jeffreys Bay.

The Democratic Alliance is continually requesting on a national level for the Police to release crime stats regularly to enable the community to join in the fight against crime in their suburbs. The reasoning behind the black out on crime stats remains obscure and surely does not help in the war against crime in South Africa.

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