Wavecrest murder trial starts today

Deon Verwey was murdered on 14 June 2009 in Wavecrest, Jeffreys Bay. He was attacked, tied up and stabbed in the heart with a screwdriver by someone who broke into his home.

Deon Verwey was murdered in his house in Wavecrest

The four suspects in the case will stand trial today as the case is heard in the Port Elizabeth High Court.

Just before he was murdered, Mr Verwey had sold the Graslaagte butchery he owned in nearby Humansdorp. According to Mr. Verwey’s family, it was apparent from the blood trail inside the house that the injured man had struggled from the living room to the rear door where he managed to call to his sister, living next door for help, even though he was tied up with a telephone cable.

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His sister Mrs van der Merwe, told the news media afterwards that her friend J H Potgieter woke up when he heard her brother call out for his sister, shouting “Netta, help!’ Her friend went to the house, looked through the window and saw her injured brother bent over at the window. He feared that the attacker was still in the house so he grabbed a garden shovel and rushed over. “By that time my brother was sitting on a chair, and was calling for me to bring the car to take him to hospital’.

However her brother died enroute in the car and was declared dead on arrival at the Humansdorp hospital.

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