Elephant 1 Motorist 0….

These photographs were taken at South Africa’s Pilanesberg Game Reserve on 17th February, 2011. A Rustenburg man has described how his life flashed before his eyes as an aggressive bull elephant flipped his car over with him and a friend inside last Thursday.

“I never thought I would be killed by an elephant,” John Somers of Rustenburg said.

The driver and his passenger were treated for cuts and bruises but were not seriously injured.

Manager of the reserve Johnson Maoka noted that bull elephants in musth can act unpredictably. Maoka suggest that motorists should not try to pass elephants on the road, bur rather make a u-turn and find an alternative route.

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However, It appears that the driver of the Volkswagen was unable to retreat in time. He did not actually try to pass the elephant as suggested in the message. In fact, the driver turned off his engine and remained stationary as the elephant approached.