Fatal Shark attack in False Bay

A 20 year old bodyboarder, David Lilienfeld, was ripped to pieces by a shark, believed to be a Great White, earlier today at Kogel Baai.

The shark involved in the attack today in False Bay, hanging around in the shallows. Source ZigZag Surfing magazine

ZigZag Surfing Magazine interviewed eye witness Mat Marais after the attack. “I was in the process of calling my wife to tell her I was going to be running a little late, when I saw a huge dorsal fin of a shark surface near to the two bodyboarders, and close in on them. My wife answered and I just told her to call the police, call the ambulance, there’s a shark attack happening right now as we speak.”

“The shark focussed on one of the bodyboarders, who tried to fight it off by pushing his bodyboard between himself and the shark, but the shark kept coming back, a second and I think a third time, before it got his leg. It was like someone pushed a button to turn the sea from a clear blue to dark red, that’s how quickly he was losing blood from the wound.”

“I think it took about 8 minutes to get the young bodyboarder to shore, but you could already tell by that time that he’d lost a lot of blood, as the sea wasn’t stained as red as it had been shortly after his leg was bitten off. I wasn’t there on the beach where they got him to shore, but my father tells me he was already dead by the time he reached the shore.”

Alan Boyd from Dept. Environmental Affairs refused to listen to experts who warned of the dangers of allowing 5 000 kg of chum to be dumped in the ocean.

“I don’t want to exaggerate or anything, so I will conservatively say that the shark was about 3 meters in length, but it could have been more, it was massive. The shark also hung around in the bay for a long time after the attack, just patrolling the bay in very shallow water, sometimes not even 50 meters from the shore”, said Marais.

Alan Boyd from Department of Environmental Affairs immediately cancelled the permit given to Osearch to chum, catch and tag Great White Sharks in False Bay.

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However, this cancellation has come to late for David Lilienfeld, the victim of today’s shark attack. Experts have been warning Boyd for weeks of the increased danger in allowing the dumping of 5 000 kg of chum in False Bay. Boyd chose to ignore all the calls to cancel the permit and was even so arrogant that he did not even bother to respond to emails.

It is now clear that something tangible has to be done and informed decisions must be made about chumming in False Bay and elsewhere in South Africa. The experts in Great White Sharks have all issued high shark warnings over the past 2 weeks that were clearly ignored

JBaynews offers its condolences to the family and friends of the surfer who lost his life today in an attack that could probably have been avoided.

Correspondence about the attack today may be directed to the Director of Biodiversity and Coastal Research – Dr. Alan Boyd at email: [email protected], to Gregg Oelofse at [email protected]

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