Fake Rhino horn stolen at Lombardini

A would be wildlife poacher broke into an Eastern Cape game reserve and sawed off the artificial horn of a fibreglass rhino.

Susan Lottering, owner of the Lombardini Game Farm near Jeffreys Bay, said she was surprised to find the mutilated statue, named Barendina, on the front lawn on Monday morning.

Lombardini Rhino before they were dehorned due to threats from poachers

Lottering said the thief also broke into the lodge’s pub and staged a prolific drinking session on Sunday night.

She had called the police to lay a charge of theft. Police are investigating and have been to the farm, between Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp, to take fingerprints and photos, said Lottering.

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Last October, Lombardini dehorned its 15 live white rhinos in a bid to prevent them from being targeted by poachers.

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