Eastern Cape must lead 2nd Liberation Struggle

Just as the liberation to free South Africa from the shackles of apartheid was led from the Eastern Cape by great men like Nelson Mandela, so must the people of the Eastern Cape lead the way to economic liberation said DA leader Helen Zille in Grahamstown today.

Helen Zille is at the Eastern Cape congress of the DA in Grahamstown today

Addressing the provincial congress of the Democratic Alliance in the Eastern Cape this morning, Zille said that across Africa the second Liberation movement had led to the freedom from the so called liberators, who fought and won against colonialism.

“It is only in Southern Africa where the first liberators still hold absolute power”, said Zille. “Countries like Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa are now weighed down under the shackles of the original liberators”.

“Many of the voters still believe that a better life for all still awaits them. That explains why the ANC won with such huge majorities in the recent by elections in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

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Voters are putting loyalty ahead of democracy. This will ensure a failed democracy and therefore a failed state”, added Zille.

“The 2nd Liberation now has to be achieved through the ballot box and will in turn lead to the 3rd Liberation which is freedom from corruption, cronyism, poverty and unemployment.

The 3rd Liberation must be the goal of the DA and it must be spearheaded by the people of the Eastern Cape. The Eastern Cape must be the epicentre of this movement and must be led by the DA”.

“There is no easy walk to freedom but we owe it to the legacy of Nelson Mandela”, concluded Zille.
The provincial congress of the DA ends today in Grahamstown.

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