New World Swim Record set at Marina Martinique

Swimming day and night, 6 Eastern Cape swimmers managed to set a new world record for a continual open water relay swim in the Marina Martinique canals.

350 K later, the celebrations begin.

Brenton Williams and JC Van Wyk from Jeffreys Bay were joined by Port Elizabeth swimmers Russsel Tucker, Greg Tucker, Sanmari Woithe and Ralph West for the record breaking swim.

They started swimming at 8 am last Wednesday morning and only finished around 3 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Russel Tucker going strong during the world record setting swim.

Tongues that became swollen and sore, stiff muscles and a lack of sleep did not deter the extreme swimmers from setting a new world record of 350 K. The previous record was 325 K.

Each swimmer did a total distance of 58.33 km and they swam loops of 3,05 km around Marina Martinique.

Brenton Williams during one of the night swims.

“It was tough and the broken sleep patterns really tired us”, said Brenton Williams, the DA Councillor who was part of the team. “We also experienced all kinds of weather conditions from howling wind, to lightening and thunder as well as perfect conditions during some night swims.”

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At one stage on Saturday morning, the swim was nearly halted due to lightning strikes over the Marina. However, the swimmers decided to risk the danger and to continue swimming as their world record attempt would have been finished if a swimmer left the water.

JC Van Wyk, one of the Jeffreys Bay swimmers in the team.

Wearing only Speedo costumes, goggles and a swim cap, the hard core athletes were exposed to the conditions at all times but persevered and have put Jeffreys Bay on the map as the venue for a world record swim.

For more details on this epic swim visit their face book page at MarinaMartiniuqe300

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