World record swim attempt in Marina Martinique

Six Eastern Cape swimmers, including two from Jeffreys Bay will be attempting to set a world record in the canals of Marina Martinique over a 5 day period.

The six swimmers who are starting a 300 km plus swim at Marina Martinique today.

JC Van Wyk and DA Councillor Brenton Williams will be joining Russel Tucker, Greg Tucker, San Marie Woithe and Ralph West in a 336 km relay swim over 5 days, starting at 8 am on Wednesday 21 March. They will finish swimming sometime on Sunday 25 March.

“The Marina is the perfect venue for a continual relay swim and we are confident that we will set a new world record”, said Ralph West, who is the organiser of the swim.

Marina Martinique is the venue for a world record swim attempt

Each swimmer will swim a loop of 3, 1 km around the Marina, before handing over to the next swimmer. The swim will take place day and night and the swimmers will only be allowed to wear a speedo, goggles and cap as per the English Channel swim rules.

This will mean that the extreme athletes will swim for about an hour and then rest for 5 hours over the 5 day period.

The team is being managed by Emil Hougaard and the doctor on standby is Petro Maritz. A number of support crew will assist the swimmers with friends being prepared to paddle at night alongside them as well as help with record keeping and meals.

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J'Bay swimmer Brenton Williams will switch to the freestyle stroke for the 336 km relay swim. Williams has been swimming long distance butterfly this season.

Each of the six swimmers has completed extreme events at some point in their lives with Ralph West and Brenton Williams having both completed swims of 25 km. Russel Tucker even walked home from Cairo to South Africa after becoming tired of Europe and missing Africa so much, decided to walk back to Port Elizabeth!

“The training has gone well and we are prepared physically for the swim”, said local swimmer Brenton Williams. “We are going to be tested in terms of how we will handle sleep deprivation and the effects that will have on us mentally. At some point we will have to dig deep and keep focused but if it was easy, then other people would have already done it!”

A facebook page called Marina Martinique 300 has been created for people to follow the progress of the swim.

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