Massive Great White caught at Fish Hoek

Whelk fishermen from Kalk Bay found more than they bargained for when they went to empty their nets yesterday morning. The nets, set about 400 m off the beach at Fish Hoek were extremely heavy and they eventually found a 4.3 m female Great White shark entangled in it.

The 4.3 m Great White caught 400 m from Fish Hoek beach yesterday. Photo: Brandon Kilbridge/Zigzag

According to the report in Zigzag the whelk fishermen use chummed up sardines, pilchards and snoek heads to attract the snails into their nets.

Shark Spotter has said that there has been an increase on inshore shark activity in Fish Hoek in recent years and instead of protective nets being erected to protect swimmers, more research should be done into chumming activities and baited long lines along the Fish Hoek and other South African coastlines.

There were two attacks near Fish Hoek last year by big Great White Sharks. Experts believe that the bites are generally exploratory in nature and not because sharks favour humans as potential prey.

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That things have changed at Fish Hoek beach cannot be denied as swimmers, lifesavers and surfers never had to worry about sharks just a few years ago. Nowadays there are shark spotter programs in place to warn ocean users of petential danger. The reasons behind the increase fo Great White shark activity remains unknown at this stage.