Kariega Rhino’s on the mend

It has been ten days since the horrific attack on three Rhino at the Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Dr Fowlds, who has been treated the two Rhino who survived the attack, after having their horns savagely hacked off reports:

“Day 10 for Thandi and Themba. Thandi spent a lot of time after her procedure yesterday out on the plains grazing like a healthy rhino which is quite remarkable. The inclusion of the sedative drug in the dart, which we hope causes short term amnesia, is an interesting consideration as her behaviour does not match her circumstances.

Themba after his horns were savagely hacked off by poachers.

Themba has only been in the open fields during the night thus far and is obviously in a different psychological space to Thandi.

Themba is however, more alert than in previous days. He is still in the thickets but is definately grazing. We cannot confirm water intake today yet. Thandi is on the edge of the stream and has been seen through the night grazing well.

It appears that they have come through the procedures yesterday as well as we can expect which is good news.

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We have started processing the video material of the first nine days and believe me, I constantly question my own decisions as these images remind me of all they have come through. Many people will ask why these gentle giants should be allowed go through this painful healing process at all.

Only time will tell if I have made the right decision or not concerning their wellfare and the responsibility of this will be mine to answer for.

The Kariega Rhino's before brutal poachers attacked them.

I urge eberyone to expose the brutal reality of poaching to the world by sharing the story of Themba and Thandi. What we do for them on the ground will only make a fraction of a difference in the battle to save a species. What YOU do for them by telling the world or their senseless sufferings and their brave fight for survival WILL make a difference”

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