Sports Council voting takes place at Cultural Centre

The Kouga Sports Council will be formed and an executive committee elected at the inaugural general meeting on Saturday 17th March at the Humansdorp Cultural Centre. Only area representatives, sports code representatives and school representatives will be entitled to attend and vote at this meeting.

The area representatives have already been elected at meetings held throughout Kouga over the past 2 months. Each school has been asked to nominate a representative. The representative for each sports code in Kouga will be elected at the Sports Code meeting to be held today (Saturday, 3rd March) from 10 am at the Humansdorp Cultural Centre.

Every sports club registered with the interim KSC will be entitled to cast one vote to choose the representative for their sport at this meeting. If your club appears on the website, then it is registered. Clubs may also register up to 10am at the meeting on Saturday.

Any sports codes and clubs not present at this meeting will not be represented on the KSC. They will need to apply to the general council for admission at some later date.

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Each municipality is required by the Department of Sport to elect a sports council. This sports council acts as an interface between sports players and government and business within a region, channelling funds and allocating resources as decided by the sports players themselves.

Several attempts have been made in the past to set up a Kouga Sports Council, without success. Apathy, distrust, lack of organisation, special interests, have all combined to ensure that sport in Kouga remains marginalised and weak.

Sports facilities are non-existent or badly maintained, leagues are haphazard, regional and provincial trials are often a joke. Kouga can do better, but it will require some effort from the sports men and women themselves.

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