Training for NSRI in J’Bay

The Jeffreys Bay NSRI had their Induction Training Session for new recruits and trainees on Saturday 18 February. During the day they also assisted a young lady who had cut her foot on the beach.

The induction session was structured to provide all attendees with a better understanding of the operating principles of the NSRI, as well as to provide them with some practical experience with the rescue equipment.

The session kicked off with a short theory introduction on the background and history of Sea Rescue, base operations, radio & medical equipment, as well as our rescue craft.

The attendees were then introduced to our Rescue Quad Bike & Rescue WaveRunners, before being divided into two teams and given a challenge with a stokes basket.

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This was followed by a demonstrated launch of the Rescue WaveRunner and a ±250m swim to behind the ‘back-line’, where all attendees waited in the ‘huddle position’, until such time as they were picked up one at a time by the Rescue WaveRunner and brought back to shore.

On our way back to the Base, the volunteers came across a group of people who needed urgent assistance. One lady in the group, an exchange student from Germany, cut her foot very badly on a piece of glass. The NSRI provided basic first aid, before assisting her into their Stokes Basket and carrying her to the car park, where she were met by 24/7 Paramedics, who transported her to hospital.

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