Stop the Secrecy Bill from becoming law

The current Secrecy Bill violates the freedoms South Africans won in 1994. A bill that criminalises the possession & disclosure of information that is in the public interest has no place in our democracy.

It will be used to cover up corruption, unlawful behaviour & inefficiencies. The Secrecy Bill will enable the abuse of state power.

Journalists and whistle blowers who report on what the government deems secret will face up to 25 years in prison. It will be illegal to expose even corruption and serious crime.

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The bill, in its current form, is opposed by every opposition party in parliament. It is opposed, in its current form, by the Democratic Alliance, COSATU, SAMWU and SADTU, by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, and the Right to Know Campaign, a collective civil society group representing more than 400 organisations.

South Africans have an obligation to fight the Secrecy Bill for the future well being of our democracy. Become involved by signing the Democratic Alliance’s online petiton to Stop the Secrecy Bill from becoming Law

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