Shark attacks paddler in Port Elizabeth

The increase in shark activity in the Eastern Cape took a dramatic turn yesterday when a man on a kayak was attacked by a shark believed to be a Great White.

According to the Eastern Province Herald, Werner Coetzee was paddling offshore from the Noordhoek Beach when the attack occurred.
Coetzee said the shark hit his kayak from the bottom, very similar to the way a shark attacks a seal, its natural prey.
Both Coetzee and his kayak were launched about 2.5 m in the air during the strike.
The shark was estimated to be about 4 m long and believed to be a Great White.

Shoals of geelbek fish have started moving inshore, which will in turn attract the bigger predators.
Last week the Main Beach in Jeffreys Bay was closed for swimming after a number of shark sightings occurred.
The Kouga Municipality reacted promptly to the situation and together with the local surf community instituted measure to minimise any risk to ocean users.
Billabong and FireWire hired a helicopter to fly up and down the coast to see if any sharks could be spotted. A shark spotting programme, sponsored by Dolphin Beach Entertainment was also introduced on Main Beach this week.
Fortunately no further incidents have occurred and the beach has remained open since last Wednesday.

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