Supertubes Foundation cleans up J'Bay

Potholes and overgrown public areas have almost become the norm in Jeffreys Bay, much to the concern of local residents.
Many visitors to the town have commented on what they regard as the decline of the erstwhile small fishing and surfing village.

The J'Bay Tourism garden has been planted with only indiginous plants.

About 10 years ago, the two surf clubs in town, the JBU and the J’Bay Boardriders Club decided to start cleaning up the beaches and looking after the Supertubes Park and to protect the last remaining sand dune at the world famous Supertubes surf break.
Using plants rescued from development sites, the Supertubes Foundation has made a huge impact on the beachfront and have been instrumental in stabilizing the dunes as well as removing tons of glass and rubbish from our beaches.
The last sand dune at Supertubes is protected by the Supertubes Foundation

They have recently given the garden as the Jeffreys Bay Tourism office a face lift, which was much needed. Again using rescued plants, the new garden is starting to take shape and has already made a difference to the center of town.
The Tourism garden before the re planting.

The Foundation is also hard at work cleaning up the lower Point car park and there are plans to upgrade the area in conjunction with the Kouga Council.

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